Xenometrics has built a robust scientific reputation since its creation” – Citoxlab press release. 2017.

Often, when something “is ancient history,” it’s out of date and no longer relevant. However, for many organizations in the Kansas City technology galaxy, their history, ancient or not, is still relevant and meaningful to their success. One organization for which this holds true is Xenometrics.

Xenometrics was founded in Kansas City in 2006 as a contract research organization. In a little more than a decade, it grew into an organization of more than 100 people. It also grew in its focus on quality and the fields it serves.

“Xenometrics offers comprehensive services in the fields of safety, pharmacology and pharmacokinetics to customers from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries,” according to a 2017 Silicon Prairie News article.

By proving it could deliver high-quality results throughout its stable history, Xenometrics attracted the attention of Citoxlab, which acquired Xenometrics in 2017.

Xenometrics has a rich history that is still relevant to the organization’s success today. Orbis Biosciences® knows that where an organization comes from is more than ancient history. We’re proud to share the same history of starting in Kansas City like Xenometrics did.