Although we are heading into the middle of April, cold and flu season is not over yet. The flu continues to decrease but remains elevated in the United States. The proportion of outpatient visits for flu-like illnesses recently decreased to 2.8%, but remains above the national baseline of 2.2%.


There are 4 states that are still experiencing high flu activity. 8 states are experiencing moderate flu activity, with others falling into low activity, minimal activity, or insufficient data categories. During week 14 (ending April 6th), Missouri remained in the high activity category and Kansas fell in the minimal category.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that there have been 34.9-40.1 million flu illnesses and 32,900-54,800 flu deaths this season, from October 1, 2018 to April 6, 2019.


The highest hospitalization rate remains in adults over the age of 65, followed by adults aged 50-64, and then children between birth and 4 years old. This season, there have been 482,000-585,000 hospitalizations due to the flu virus.


The CDC’s data also indicates increases in flu vaccinations among children and adults, compared to the 2017-18 flu season. According to the CDC, the flu vaccine helps to prevent the flu, decrease doctor’s visits, reduce hospitalizations, and can also save childrens’ lives.


Orbis Biosciences strongly supports any efforts to protect child and adult health. Orbis strives to enhance the delivery, efficacy, and safety of pharmaceutical products to improve health and save lives.

To stay updated on the flu virus and what it’s doing in your area, visit the CDC’s website for up-to-date statistics and in-depth information.