“Pain was the most commonly reported reason for return [to the hospital after same-day surgery], occurring in … (38%) patients who had an unanticipated admission or readmission.”
Coley et al. J Clin Anesth. 2002; 14(5): 349

When it comes to pain management in the postoperative setting, 69% of patients experienced moderate, severe or extreme pain. Physicians can use systemic analgesics to relieve pain temporarily after surgery, but currently, there are no safe, long-acting systemic analgesics that provide baseline pain relief. Through our CertusTM technology, we have created a single-injection, multi-day extended-release formulation of tramadol to simplify postoperative pain management. Our formulation will improve compliance and reduce the need for potent opioids.

Our single-injection multi-day tramadol formulation will improve patient compliance because the patient won’t have to remember to take his/her oral medication. Existing systemic analgesics on the market are not long lasting. Patients require multiple doses to experience pain relief, with inherent spikes and troughs in plasma levels, which results in breakthrough pain. Because our tramadol formulation requires only one injection that lasts several days, patients do not need to take any action after it is administered, and patient compliance is improved.

Moreover, our tramadol formulation will reduce the need for potent opioids. Patients use potent opioids when they experience breakthrough pain events. Although these opioid analgesics relieve the pain, they often cause adverse events. The most common ones are constipation, nausea and vomiting. Each opioid-related adverse event increases cost of care by $568 and the length of the patient’s stay by more than half a day. Because we created our extended-release tramadol formulation using our Certus technology, there is precise control over the size of the particles and their release. Our formulation manages the pain in a consistent manner, so there is a reduced risk of breakthrough pain events, which decreases the need for potent opioids.