Specifically, drugs delivered directly to the inner ear offer sustained release of the drug increasing the overall efficacy. Currently, there are no marketed drugs yet; however, the pipeline is rich with over 20 molecules in various stages of development.Roots Analysis Private Ltd., Inner Ear Diseases: Novel Drug Delivery Approaches, 2014 – 2025. Digital Journal. 2014

“If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it,” goes the saying. Sometimes a system isn’t broken, but it does need improvement. Treatment options for otic disorders need improvement, and Orbis Biosciences hopes to be at the forefront of developing an innovative solution. Our research aims to improve the current treatment and increase the concentration of the drug in the inner ear.

Drug delivery to the inner ear is difficult due to the complex structure of the ear. As a solution to the need for better treatments for otic disorders, Orbis Biosciences has developed UnisunTM, an extended-release, intratympanic drug delivery platform. With the Unisun platform, patients can receive precise treatment for many disorders at low cost and high convenience.

The Unisun platform injects drug-loaded microspheres into the round window membrane using a fast film-forming agent. The first therapeutic to use the platform is ORB-202, but many drugs can use the platform, including, but not limited to, proteins, monoclonal antibodies and macromolecules. Because a variety of drugs can be used, a multitude of otic disorders can be treated, such as Ménière’s disease, sensorineural hearing loss and tinnitus. The drug-loaded microspheres are uniform, which allows for precise control.

The Unisun platform hits the sweet spot of precision and price. The uniformity of its microspheres gives precision, and its fast film-forming agent allows for low-cost, intratympanic delivery. This low cost is beneficial to both physicians and patients.

The Unisun platform is also convenient for patients because of its extended-release design. Other intratympanic administrations must be given in several doses. In order to fully comply with the regimen, patients must have the time and resources for multiple administrations. The Unisun platform design assures precise control over inner ear drug levels for more than 30 days. This should improve compliance and be more convenient for patients with otic disorders.

Orbis Biosciences has developed the Unisun platform to solve the problems with existing treatments for otic disorders. Current treatments for otic disorders might not be broken, but they do need improvement. We at Orbis Biosciences hope we’ve accomplished that with our Unisun drug-delivery platform.