Prof. Heike Mayer examined the emergence of so-called “second-tier” high-technology regions in the United States. These emerging high-technology regions are challenging traditional technology corridors such as Silicon Valley and Boston’s Route 128.” – Heike Mayer. Spinoff Regions. Accessed March 11, 2018.

“Everything’s up to date in Kanas City. They’ve gone about as far as they can go,” go the lyrics to Roger and Hammerstein’s song, “Kansas City.” The sentiment still holds true, especially as it pertains to Kansas City’s place in the tech world. Although not as populated as Silicon Valley, Kansas City is a budding tech hub that has seen great growth of its biotechnology, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industry.

This technology boom in the middle of the country led economic geography researcher, Dr. Heike Mayer, to study Kansas City’s technology company’s “family tree.” The culmination of this research is the creation of a tech galaxy that lists 582 Kansas City companies and their lineage. The map of the Kansas City technology galaxy can be found here.

Dr. Mayer notes that, “[Regions like Kansas City] have been able to root high-tech activity through leveraging innovative firms, entrepreneurs and regional assets such as quality of life, talent pools, etc. We examined the position of these regions in the global production networks and visualized entrepreneurial genealogies. Additionally, we examined the ways in which local universities are responding to opportunities emerging from high-technology growth.”

Orbis Biosciences® is proud to be a member of the Kansas City Tech Galaxy. Orbis understands that its accomplishments were made possible by those who came before. As the Kansas City Tech Galaxy continues to grow, Orbis will do its part to keep the city’s biotechnology presence going as far as it can go. As part of this dedication to Kansas City’s biotechnology industry, Orbis is embarking on a series of blogs that delve into KC’s biotech history, present and future.  This is the first in a series of articles that we will post over the coming months.