Optimµm® can create fine microspheres with high drug loading with or without a drug-free shell to completely mask foul-tasting ingredients. Existing methods for taste masking often require sweeteners or coated beads. Often, the approaches are ineffective at masking taste and use coarse, unpalatable granules or beads.

Taste Performance and Pharmacokinetics of a Taste-Masked Prednisone Powder

Above Left: The taste-masked Orbis powder and powder suspension was preferred over the RLD syrups in a taste-test, and there were no perceivable differences between microspheres with and without prednisone. Above Right: Plasma concentrations of prednisone in ten healthy adults are achieved with a taste-masked, reverse-enteric, immediate release, 150 µm powder formulation containing 10 mg of drug. The total body exposure matches that of the reference listed drug (RLD) tablet at the same 10 mg dose. These results demonstrate the ability of the Orbis technology to taste-mask even the foulest-tasting active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Precise control of particle size and composition enable precise active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) release rates, including taste-masked immediate release (IR). Unlike other encapsulation techniques, Optimμm technology’s precise control over microcapsule properties seals the drug inside small, palatable microspheres and microcapsules that can then release drug after contacting stomach acid to create a cost-effective platform for microencapsulating unpalatable APIs.

The Optimµm microencapsulation technology offers significant advantages for pediatric and geriatric drug reformulations. The simple, robust, and precise particle engineering allows for an unprecedented amount of control over the final product, which would improve dosing efficiency and efficacy and reduce adverse effects. This highly-flexible and customizable encapsulation platform provides a convenient means of masking the bitter flavor of many drugs while also establishing a delivery system that is adaptable to many patient-friendly formats. The ability to transport and store these particles in dry powder form also makes this a convenient solution for personalized dosing and patient-specific treatment strategies. This platform addresses numerous pediatric medicine issues, and the technology provides for patient-specific, accurate, and palatable dosing.