Some of the world’s biggest biopharmaceutical companies have hired ProPharma, which provides outsourced medical information, pharmacovigilance and regulatory compliance consulting services.” – Hart. Thinking Bigger Business Media. Accessed October 7, 2018.

Regulation compliance is an important part of the biotechnology and medical industries. It is therefore an important part of Kansas City. As we discuss the Kansas City technology galaxy, one important Kansas City-based compliance organization to mention is ProPharma Group.

Jeff Hargroves founded ProPharma Group in the Kansas City area in 2001. After having worked as a project engineer for a hospital and then an animal health company, he decided to start his own consulting business in the compliance space, according to a 2017 Underdog interview. This business would later become ProPharma Group.

“We grew over 100% annually for the first several years and have continued to grow at over 20% annually ever since,” Jeff says in the interview.

ProPharma Group did indeed continue to grow. It opened new locations and merged with and acquired other organizations. In 2007, it added validation services by merging with Bozeman, Montana’s Computer Compliance, according to the ProPharma Group history timeline. In 2014, it acquired Professional Information Ltd. from the United Kingdom and Australia, and in 2017, ProPharma Group opened a contact center in Japan.

Since then, ProPharma Group has acquired three more organizations, one domestic and two international. It has won awards and continues to thrive. ProPharma Group is one of the many success stories in the Kansas City technology galaxy. Orbis Biosciences® looks forward to a similarly rich future.