CPhI Worldwide, the world’s leading pharmaceutical and manufacturing conference, hosted more than 42,000 visitors October 24 -26 in Frankfurt, Germany. The event, which included more than 2,500 exhibitors from 153 countries, represents every sector of the pharmaceutical market. The culmination of this conference is the CPhI Excellence in Pharma Awards Gala where key industry innovations are recognized from across the globe for their innovative technologies.
Orbis Biosciences had the honor of being selected as a finalist and the winner of the Excellence in Pharma Formulation category for its submission titled: Orbis’ Optimum Platform: Delivering Dispersed Dosage Forms with Functional Coatings in a Single Manufacturing Step. Orbis stood out in this category of six finalists due to the innovative approach to functional coating in which “enteric” and “reverse-enteric” shells are applied to Orbis microspheres at the time of fabrication to reduce the number of manufacturing steps required to create site-specific delivery.
Enterics and reverse enterics used in products today have several limitations. They are commonly applied over other materials that exhibit modified release properties, enhance solubility and/or permeability and generally are restricted to tablet forms. Orbis has created an innovative one-step technology that allows functional excipients, including those with enteric properties, to be utilized when creating a microcapsule. This unique approach can save time and money due to the efficiency of the manufacturing process.
Orbis thanks CPhI for recognizing our unique drug delivery platform and extends our congratulations to all the other nominees and recipients. For more information about the CPhI awards and nominees, please visit the CPhI website.