A successful Kansas City ecosystem has played an important role in propelling Likarda LLC to double the size of its operations and expand into space previously occupied by Marion Laboratories, a KC area pharma industry legacy.” – Ryan, ThinkKC. 2017. Accessed Nov. 4 2018.

Role models are important not only to individuals, but also to organizations. Young organizations often look to successful organizations in their field as role models. Likarda’s success, in terms of its profit and growth, is an inspiration to other organizations in the Kansas City Technology Galaxy.

Likarda’s services are fulfilling a need in the community, as evidenced by the company’s financial success. In 2014, only two years after its start, Likarda announced revenues of $1 million, according to the Bioscience & Technology Business Center.

Likarda has also been able to scale and grow. In 2014, the organization was a team of five looking for commercial partners. In 2017, Likarda had seven employees and announced plans for 16 more, according to a 2017 Silicon Prairie News article. To accomplish this, Likarda moved into the space Marion Labs used to occupy, following in the footsteps of another Kansas City role model. This growth proves the organization is continuing to fill a need.

Likarda’s growth and financial success are inspirational to other organizations in the Kansas City Technology Galaxy and the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor, including Orbis Biosciences. Orbis is fortunate to have strong role models and is proud to serve the Kansas City community alongside these leaders.