During its first year, Likarda was named as one of the world’s 50 most promising startups during Global Entrepreneurship Week. Several other awards have followed the founders.” – Mitchell, Thinking Bigger Business Media; 27(2). Accessed Nov. 4 2018.

Giving back to the community is an important concept for many organizations. Some organizations are able to give back to their communities indirectly, just by being successful. For example, Likarda brings national attention to Kansas City through its press for awards and funding.

Since its inception, Likarda has won awards and been named on exclusive lists. For example, in its first year, Global Entrepreneurship Week selected Likarda as one of the 50 most-promising startups in the world. “Likarda was selected for the ‘GEW 50’ out of a field of nearly 400 applicants from 17 countries, and is the only Kansas City area company to make the list,” states a 2012 press release. Similarly, Under30CEO named Likarda’s Karthik Ramachandran as one of eight top young entrepreneurs to watch in Kansas City. Such awards, beginning at Likarda’s start and continuing throughout its growth, bring attention to the organization and the city it’s headquartered in.

Likarda also attracts attention through press about its funding. Likarda became profitable after only one year, which allowed the organization to raise series A funding. A 2017 article states, “Cutting-edge biotech research laboratory, Likarda, has received $4,000,000 in Series A funding from Werth Family Investment Associates, bringing the promise of future diabetes treatment options to dogs and cats.”

Likarda’s awards and funding draw national media attention to Kansas City. Orbis Biosciences is proud to share Kansas City as its headquarters with Likarda. Orbis understands the importance of giving back to its community.