We’re tied to KC, I’m definitely tied to KC.” – Alfred Botchway, founder and CEO of Xenometrics. McGuigan. Silicon Prairie News. 2017.

Much of Xenometrics’ success story can be attributed to its Kansas City location. Xenometrics began in the Kansas City area and thrived there. Then, when Citoxlab acquired Xenometrics, it did so for the organization’s flexibility, experienced staff and location. In a 2017 press release, Citoxlab chairman and CEO, Jean-Francoise Le Bigot, said Kansas City “is easy to reach for most American customers.”

In a 2017 Outsourcing-Pharma article by Melissa Fassbender, Le Bigot explained that most of the clients at Citoxlab’s Laval/Montreal location came from the U.S. Acquiring Xenometrics in Kansas City could allow clients to start projects closer to home.

It appears that even after being acquired, Xenometrics will give back to the city that contributed to its success. According to a 2017 Silicon Prairie News article, the CEO and founder of Xenometrics, Alfred Botchway, “says he has no plans to leave the city and the people that have helped him in his Xenometrics journey.”

Part of the success of Xenometrics comes from the location of its headquarters in Kansas City. Orbis Biosciences, similarly, is headquartered in Kansas City. Orbis is proud to be from the same city and appreciates the benefits the location provides.