Given the difficulties involved in formulating a 12-hour ibuprofen … and the size of the ibuprofen market (about $1.8 billion worldwide), the potential benefits of an extended-release version for user compliance and cost-effectiveness may still prove a strong draw.
Mansell, 2007

“Repetition is the mother of memory,” is a common saying. When it comes to taking medication, too much repetition can lead to forgetfulness and noncompliance. Extended-release medications eliminate the need to repeatedly take medication throughout the day, and they have benefits that conventional medications lack. One example is ibuprofen. Extended-release ibuprofen is an improvement over conventional ibuprofen because it improves patient compliance and decreases patient suffering.

Extended-release ibuprofen improves compliance, compared to conventional ibuprofen. In a study in the British Journal of Clinical Practice, extended-release ibuprofen given daily was more effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis than conventional ibuprofen given four times a day because of convenience and improvement in patient compliance. Arthritis is just is likely to affect older patients, who might experience forgetfulness and for whom compliance is a known problem, so improved compliance is important. Physicians also prescribe ibuprofen for injuries caused by a fall, which are likely to occur in older patients, who are at risk for noncompliance.

Extended-release ibuprofen leads to a decrease in patient suffering. Ibuprofen is a pain reliever. Patients who cannot adhere to its regimen experience pain. Not all patients can remember or are able to take medication four times a day, and those who cannot are further punished by pain. The pain from having missed a dose of medication can lead to another missed dose, which causes a cycle of missed medication and pain. Extended-release ibuprofen prevents this cycle and decreases patient pain.

Extended-release ibuprofen outperforms its conventional counterpart by improving patient compliance and decreasing patient suffering. Ibuprofen is just one example of extended-release medication, and Orbis Biosciences knows that the best way to develop precise extended-release medication is through uniform microparticles. Our Precision Particle FabricationTM technology creates such uniform microparticles and ensures control and accuracy. Extended-release medications made with our Precision Particle Fabrication technology conveniently eliminate the need for repeated dosing, which improves patient compliance. Repetition may be the mother of memory, but lack of repetition in drug delivery is the mother of convenience.