Optimµm® technology precisely matches the reference drug product to allow a new suspension format that performs like the long-acting tablet. Precision Particle Fabrication® encapsulates drugs in uniform microspheres, allowing precise control of drug release rate. Compared to traditional techniques that produce polydisperse particles, our technology creates microspheres of exact size that can be easily formulated into standard syrups, capsules and tablets, providing exceptional release and dosage control and avoiding burst release due to the presence of particle fines.

Suspensions that extend release like long-acting tablets require the level of diffusion control that Precision Particle Fabrication provides.

Match Release of Over-The-Counter Tablets, Suspensions, or Powders

Above Left: Dissolution of an OTC medication from a 150 µm powder-in-suspension formulation containing 1200 mg of drug, compared to a widely-available 1200 mg tablet. Above Right: Optimµm technology enables physically and chemically stable liquid suspensions of many small molecules, or for re-formatting of  over-the-counter and prescription products into sachets, dispersable tablets, orally-disintegrating tablets, chewables, and thin film strips.

Precise control of particle size and composition enable precise active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) release rates, including extended release (ER). Unlike other encapsulation techniques, Optimμm technology’s precise control over microsphere properties seals the drug inside small, palatable microspheres that can then release drug exactly as an RLD tablet or capsule.

The Optimµm microencapsulation technology offers significant advantages for pediatric and geriatric drug reformulations. The simple, robust, and precise particle engineering allows for an unprecedented amount of control over the final product, which would improve dosing efficiency and efficacy and reduce adverse effects. This highly-flexible and customizable encapsulation platform provides a convenient means of masking the bitter flavor of many drugs while also establishing a delivery system that is adaptable to many patient-friendly formats. The ability to transport and store these particles in dry powder form also makes this a convenient solution for personalized dosing and patient-specific treatment strategies. This platform addresses numerous pediatric medicine issues, and the technology provides for patient-specific, accurate, and palatable dosing.