The Stratµm™ technology titrates drug release kinetics to enable novel injectable drug delivery products. We create uniform, monodisperse microspheres using our technology to develop improved injectable depot formulations. Our depots allow for discrete control over release rate, including linear kinetics, offering sustained release for desired length of time.

This application is particularly useful for pharmaceuticals for which compliance is critical, such as contraception, antipsychotic, addiction and bacterial resistance medications.

Controlled Release of Etonogestrel from PLGA Microspheres

Above Left: Plasma concentrations of etonogestrel in eight rats maintain levels above the contraceptive threshold for one year, which enables single injection contraception. This formulation can also be tailored to last shorter periods such as three or six months. Above Right: Uniform 30 µm PLGA microspheres containing etonogestrel.

The Stratµm technology produces physically controlled particles using a flexible and cost-effective single-step process with significant advantages over current particle fabrication technologies. Leveraged for injectable pharmaceuticals, the Stratµm technology provides controlled release technology solutions for extended release formulations (continuous release for weeks, months, years). For extended release applications, Stratµm’s uniform particles provide release accuracy for narrow therapeutic index drugs and minimize the initial drug burst for increased safety and efficacy. The batch-to-batch reproducibility is critical for achieving precise release profiles.

The Stratµm technology is cost effective in that it is highly scalable, and has the ability to create microspheres in a single step. The novel nature of the products and the cost-effective approach lend itself to creating the injectable products of tomorrow. The Stratµm technology is currently being used in a number of therapy areas under development.