Aratana, in their short history, has achieved an excellent start with their pipeline.” – Aratana: Developing Drugs That Help Our Pets Live Better Lives. Seeking Alpha. 2016.

“History is written by the winners,” goes the saying. However, sometimes the winners are objectively clear. For example, Aratana is objectively a winner in the companion health industry. Aratana’s history is filled with success.

“Aratana was born in 2010, out of one the largest venture capital firms, MPM Capital. [Steven] St. Peter, then managing director at MPM, had the discretion to start companies and fund them. He convinced his partners to put $10 million on the table. Another venture capital firm in San Diego matched it,” writes Sarah Mote in a 2015 KCSourceLink article.

After only six years, Aratana received its first FDA approval, for GALLIPRANT®, its osteoarthritis pain drug for dogs and cats, according to a 2016 press release. A month later, Aratana announced a partnership with Elanco Animal Health, to which Aratana granted exclusive rights to develop and manufacture GALLIPRANT®.

Less than a month after that, Aratana announced FDA approval of its second drug, ENTYCE®, an oral appetite stimulant in dogs. A third FDA approval announcement followed that one later in the year, this one for the long-acting postoperative analgesic, NOCITA®.

In 2017, Aratana announced the FDA granted it a conditional license for an osteosarcoma vaccine for dogs. Then, in 2018, the FDA approved Aratana’s “New Animal Drug Application (NADA) to expand the NOCITA label to include its use in cats as a peripheral nerve block to provide regional post-operative analgesia following onychectomy,” according to a 2018 Aratana press release.

Orbis Biosciences® looks forward to making as big a difference as Aratana has in Kansas City.