We have the pleasure of coming to work every day and putting our passion into making a difference for pets.” – Aratana. About Us. Accessed Jan. 23, 2019.

The organizations that comprise the Kansas City Technology Galaxy don’t cater exclusively to humans. For example, Aratana focuses on animal health, particularly companion animal health. Although one of the newer additions, Aratana is a key part of the Kansas City Technology Galaxy and a cornerstone of the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor.

“On the forefront of a new wave of biotech pet therapies, Kansas City, KS-company Aratana Therapeutics centers on medications for our four-legged family and their emerging medical needs,” writes Sarah Mote in a 2015 article for KCSourceLink.

According to Aratana’s website, Aratana was founded to close the gap in scientific breakthroughs between human and veterinary medicine. It states, “The vision of the Company was and still is to find the best human drug development opportunities and apply them to veterinary medicine, specifically to advance therapeutics for pets – a new type of animal health company.”

Aratana is fulfilling that vision. For example, the organization developed GALLIPRANT®, ENTYCE® and NOCITA®, three of its drugs that are FDA approved and commercially available in the United States. Animal Pharm even named GALLIPRANT® Best Companion Animal Product for 2017, according to a 2018 press release.

Aratana plays a big role in both the Kansas City Technology Galaxy and the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor. Orbis Biosciences® also develops medication for companion animals and therefore also shares a space in both the galaxy and the corridor. Orbis understands that medication is necessary for all of our family members, including the furry ones.